We’re financial learning and a investment club, wrapped in one. 

Dedicated to solopreneurs, solo founders, and freelancers, our learning universe is designed to teach, connect with top experts, and help transition from a business with a single activity to a group level with multiple sources of income.

A lifetime financial partner, on business and personal side.

We’re democratizing finance globally and welcome any solopreneurs and everyone to demystify the world of money once and for all. We do this by providing a one-stop universe for financial knowledge and learning.


Investing in Diversified Assets

From the different options and how to get started, we cover everything you need to know to invest with confidence in ultra-diversified, alternative, and exotic assets.


Business & Personal Finance

Become a money boss with our lessons on budgeting, F*** You money, pensions, and the levers to shift your business from a single financial revenue to multiple sources of income.


Financial Wellbeing & Mindset

From improving your mindset based on the maturity stage of your business, knowing when it's better to pay and delegate, we’ll reprogram your mind for financial success.  

Covering the achievement of the three biggest financial goals that entrepreneurs have.

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    The money you earn needs to be fiercely protected. It's the result of hard work and sweat.

    Grasping the intricacies of taxation, withdrawing money from your business, and financing is lengthy and arduous... Speaking with numerous experts, each in their own bubble, is extremely time-consuming, and these guys often don't make the effort to be understandable... It's expected; they're specialists.

    I've put in the work for you. I'm an entrepreneur, just like you, and have collaborated with experts for years. Together with them, I've crafted three blueprints catering to three specific goals.


The future of each individual should lie in their own hands.

The Millennial, Z, and Alpha generations want to secure their future by themselves.

Doing it yourself while being assisted allows for a better understanding of the subjects and an appreciation of expert advice.

Financial education is an essential prerequisite for social equality. Dedicated to solopreneurs, solo founders, and freelancers who benefit from the lowest pensions, are most exposed to taxes, and suffer from financial fragility, our learning universe serves to learn, connect with top experts, and transition from a simple activity to a group level with multiple sources of income, all in the name of a better social redistribution of wealth.

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    Our team is highly motivated by the idea of building a strong foothold in the market, and all of our experts are certified to provide advice to both knowledgeable and inexperienced clients. All of our clients meet the risk profile criteria for investment.
    CatapulZ is a finance-based Edtech
    that provides all the necessary knowledge to Generation Y, Z, and Alpha entrepreneurs
    for building their personal wealth or shaping their future 
    (retirement, taking care of their parents and children,
    fostering a more ecological society)
    independently, using the money from their business.


Wilfried de Renty

Founder of CatapulZ 

In the past I had set up 3 startups, a consulting business, a corporate startup studio, and a scaling company that handles fundraising. 
I also have a brokerage activity on large deals between family offices and funds.
I know entrepreneurs. I love them.
I know that their lives are full of ups and downs, and it's time to ensure some peace of mind for them. Not everyone gets the chance to make an exit at 80 million. And before you get there, you have the right to start building your fortune.
i have cofounders they will appear here soon. 


Feel free to contact us for any business or personal inquiries:

Head office in Paris

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229 rue Saint-Honoré,75001 Paris


Lisbon Office

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R. do Olival 42, 1200-742 Lisboa


Ils nous ont fait confiance

Nos business cases de mise à l'échelle sont passionnants


"Nous avons trouvé notre verticale business la plus rentable en 5 semaines."

David. CEO of Weemo


"J'avais un business traditionnel une croissance à deux chiffres depuis 6 ans pourtant je n'interessais pas les fonds"

Renaud, Founder of FlyR


"On a embarqué l'équipe et executé les bonnes métriques à temps pour arriver dans de bonnes conditions pour notre série A"

Liza, Cofounder of Comed


'Il nous fallait passer notre distribution à l'échelle internationale tout en gardant notre savoir faire artistique, ça nous a pris 16 semaines"

Alex, Growth de Sonore


"Nous devions trouvé des cas d'usages en Chine pour notre bouteille connectée, ça leur a pris 8 semaines en étant à distance"

Yves, GM of Puma


"Nous avons pivoté et éxécuté notre stratégie de plateformisation en 12 semaines en embarquant toutes les équipes"

Cyril, CEO d'Icare


"On vendait trop vite et trop fort, les opérations n'arrivaient plus à suivre. Nous les avons mis au niveau en 16 semaines"

Gregory, Cofounder de Forest


"Nous avons augmenté notre marge de 25%, après 12 semaines d'expérimentations avec Catapulz et nous contnuons à utiliser leur process"

David, CEO de Tea